What are the graphic design trends for 2023?

DesignWhat are the graphic design trends for 2023?

What are the graphic design trends for 2023?

Should we and to what extent should we be influenced by current trends in graphic design when creating advertising visuals? What are the current trends?

If you have ever been a client of a print shop or a graphic design studio, because you needed to order the creation of advertising materials, you may have already asked yourself this question. As professionals who deal with this every day, we can provide an objective opinion on the matter.

Prioritize your priorities

Always prioritize your product and the people you sell to. Every advertising visual should be primarily aligned with this.

If you already have a brand book, follow it. Depending on current trends, you can discuss with your designer how to apply what fits your brand. However, the goal is to be attractive to your customers and make sales, while avoiding making overly drastic changes that might make you unrecognizable.

Micro and macro trends in design

Have you noticed how big brands change over time? How many times do they change their logo, moving towards a new look? If you look at their logos from decades ago, you will notice that a large part of them would definitely look out of place and unattractive in our time.

This supports the argument that there are trends, and it is good to follow at least some of them, so as not to look outdated and unattractive over time. Pay attention to the big trends and general changes that happen gradually and imperceptibly over time. Don’t be a slave to temporary and short-lived explosions.

Микро и макро тенденции в дизайна

What are the micro trends for 2023


Attention to fonts and experimenting with them. Distortions, elongation, asymmetric shapes, and more. Custom fonts are gaining popularity and are one of the ways to stand out and differentiate yourself.

Another point regarding fonts is that serif fonts are gaining relevance again.

Типография в дизайна

Retro Line

Minimalism and clean vintage retro look.

Ретро линия в дизайна

Classic Minimalism

Elimination of unnecessary elements, simplification of the design, and focus on negative space. This trend, which has been going on for several years, makes it easier for the brand’s customers to perceive the important elements in the design.

Класически минимализъм в дизайна

Bold Minimalism

Application of minimalism principles but in a bold and vibrant direction. Clean lines, but with bold and bright colors.

Дързък минимализъм в дизайна

Chaotic Maximalism

A suitable style if your target audience is from the Y and Z generations. The goal of using this trend is to achieve something completely different that stands out and grabs attention at first glance.

Хаотичен максимализъм в графичния дизайн


Adding texture to a design creates a specific feel. The texture can be directly linked to the product or service for which the design is created, reminding the viewer of it and reinforcing the realistic feel. In addition to textures, a digital noise/grainy background effect can also be added. This technique is called risograph printing and creates a vintage retro look.

Добавяне на текстура към дизайна на визията

Natural Modernism

Modernism with natural elements that are close to nature in form. Light, pastel colors are used. To achieve this style, modern, light and clean lines and shapes, floral and natural motifs are combined with light tones. This style is particularly suitable for cosmetic product designs and packaging, eco-friendly products, organic foods, brands for typically women’s sports, and others.

Натурален модернизъм в дизайна

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes, especially popular in the past year, will continue to be used with the same intensity in the upcoming year. They are extremely elegant and orderly, making them suitable for use on packaging and posters, as well as for printing on fabrics and their use in decorative pillows, soft furnishings, and more.

Геометрични форми в дизайна

Our design department could provide guidance on which of these trends are suitable for application in your specific case and for your brand’s products.