What are the trends in the wide-format printing industry in 2024

Outdoor advertisingWhat are the trends in the wide-format printing industry in 2024

What are the trends in the wide-format printing industry in 2024

In the world of advertising, wide-format printing stands out as one of the components that can provide an opportunity for change. Sometimes, just a replacement of one material with another or innovations in technical processes and equipment can bring about a significant transformation in visual communication and design. The results range from striking and vibrant banners that capture attention to solutions for interior branding.

Trend 1: Sustainable Printing Practices

In an era where sustainability is paramount, wide-format printing is no exception. Clients are increasingly seeking eco-friendly printing solutions. But how is this possible when so much vinyl and ink are involved in the process?

It is easiest to provide examples from our practice of how good practices can be maintained in terms of ecological production.

Raw materials and materials:

Where possible, materials designated by the manufacturer as eco-friendly, including ecological inks and materials, are used.

In advertising and interior printing for commercial establishments, we frequently replace the commonly used vinyl in the industry with fabric. Fabric and the printing process on it are one of the most environmentally friendly solutions in the printing industry. Additionally, it is easy to store and maintain, greatly facilitating our clients.

In the production of interior solutions, we strictly adhere to materials of ecological origin without making any exceptions. The wallpapers we use are manufactured in Europe and comply with these requirements. The printing inks are water-soluble, with absolutely no residual odor. For interior printing solutions, we make no exceptions to that rule.

Production processes:

Our facilities are powered by green energy generated from photovoltaics to minimize the industrial footprint.

Trend 2: Textile – not only in the world of interior but in the world of advertising

That’s a trend which has started years ago when it comes to the major players in the retail industry. Have you noticed the big names like H&M and Inditex that they have chosen for their advertising solutions in the retail centers only textile or led? For years already. But now that trend has come to a peak.

Large advertising panels and banners in commercial establishments, behind the counters, and in other locations are now almost exclusively made on textile, with or without illumination.

With textile, entire walls can be covered, as well as stretched ceilings. A special dressing technology is used, allowing for a very quick completion of branding and achieving perfect smoothness. Another advantage is the easy change of appearance during the renovation of the commercial space or when there is a marketing decision to alter decorations and advertising visuals.

Textile is the new hero in various types of advertising signage, including directional and advertising interior signs or external advertising panels. The new technology is loaded with advantages and is gaining increasing popularity due to the easier replacement of the visible part and its substitution with a new advertising visual.

Trend 3: Saturated, vibrant, or pure fluorescent colors

When printing on textiles, there is an increasing need to use pure fluorescent colors. Adding them to other colors allows for the creation of very bright images and visuals. This opens up new possibilities in the design and printing of advertising visuals.