How to Prepare Your Tourist Facility for the Summer Season

Interior solutionsHow to Prepare Your Tourist Facility for the Summer Season

How to Prepare Your Tourist Facility for the Summer Season

Owners of commercial establishments, hotels, and restaurants often face the need to make regular updates and changes to their facilities due to the inevitable wear and tear of the physical infrastructure and the need to remain competitive and attractive to their customers.

We have prepared for you the most effective ways to update the look of your facility and create a sense of regular maintenance without overly burdening your available budget.

How to prepare for the summer season if you own a hotel

Check the level of wear and tear on the towels in the rooms and beach towels offered by your hotel. Even with a good overall impression that visitors may have of your hotel, such a detail as worn-out towels can make a strong impression and speak volumes about your attitude towards details.

If replacement of beach towels is necessary, the best option, which has already become a standard in the industry, is to use branded ones with the hotel’s logo and design. The more you incorporate your distinctive brand, colors, and symbols into individual design elements and products, the more it speaks to the long-term vision of your company.

Make sure that the sun loungers and their accompanying umbrellas are also in good overall condition. A good alternative to traditional sun loungers are the newly popular bean bags. Branded with the name and design of your property, they are very comfortable and suitable for use on the beach instead of sun loungers, at beach bars, by the pool, and in comfortable corners of the hotel designed for relaxation. These bean bags are made of special fabric suitable for outdoor conditions and are waterproof. The outer cover has a zipper and can be removed, allowing for easy washing and maintenance. Some hotels even offer suitable bean bags for aquatic conditions. They are placed in the pools and are very attractive.

Another material asset that you should check and that also creates a bad impression on guests and visitors to your hotel base if it is worn out, are the tablecloths in the main restaurant, textile napkins, and eating utensils. Don’t skimp on such items, because details pay off multiple times. The new trend is to use tablecloths, runners, and textile napkins with the name and logo of the hotel.
Check the condition of the furniture in the rooms and common areas of the hotel. If there are damages in certain places, you can easily correct them with special decorative furniture foils.

If you want to do a renovation and make a slight change to refresh the look, there are various ways to do this without having to replace furniture and furnishings. Wallpapers and murals are one of the easiest but effective ways to achieve this effect. Use similar designs and colors for the rooms, corridors on the floors, the restaurant to the hotel, and the lobby. This will create a pleasant feeling of completeness and attention to detail on your part. And this makes an impression and creates a typical look for your hotel and a specific atmosphere. Thanks to modern printing methods, the many types of wallpaper, including textiles, bamboo, and others, as well as ready-made wallpapers resembling leather, concrete, copper rust, and others, can unleash your creativity. Combinations of different textures and types, but in a pleasant and harmonious balance, guarantee a completely renovated and attractive appearance of your property. Our design department can consult with you on the possibilities, create a special wallpaper design for your property according to the vision and other elements, and suggest suitable combinations and textures that match the overall appearance of the property.

Using decorative elements such as decorative pillows and vases in the rooms and in the foyer, restaurant, lobby bar, beach bar or pool bar also creates harmony. You can combine them in color and design to match other elements and furnishings in your hotel, such as lighting, wallpaper, furniture, curtains, logos, and accent colors of the hotel.

Paintings and reproductions of paintings are another way to bring a fresh touch to the hotel for the new season. You can use paintings in very large sizes that take up a large space on a bare and dull wall. And when the painting itself is impressive, interesting, and in harmony with the interior, the wow effect is guaranteed. The various framing possibilities, according to the style of the painting, also contribute to the interesting effect.

How to prepare for the summer season if you own a beach bar, restaurant in a tourist area, or pool

Just like with hotels, the first thing to do before the start of the season is to review the standard and available equipment you have. This includes garden furniture, chair cushions, benches, decorative pillows, kitchen equipment, lounge chairs and parasols, dining utensils, tablecloths, placemats, textile napkins, professional machines, and professional equipment for bars and restaurants, flooring, pool and tiles/covering around the pool.

First and foremost, perform necessary safety tests to avoid unpleasant moments and accidents during the active season.
Check whether the equipment you have works to save yourself the chaos of waiting for repairs and replacements when tourists are already at your doorstep and it’s difficult to explain why they cannot use a particular service or receive a fresh product.

Last but not least, it’s time to refresh and add attractive and new elements. If your establishment is a beach bar or pool, you can invest in super trendy custom-made bean bags with a design developed just for you. They are made with special waterproof outdoor fabric that is zippered, removable, and washable. This makes maintenance very easy and keeps the product in good condition for a long time. You can decorate the outdoor furniture with new decorative cushions with your own branding and the name of your establishment.

You can also invest in attractive Instagram walls or beautifully arranged photo corners. This will diversify the decor in your establishment and will help with your advertising and marketing. Visitors will be eager to take photos and share them with your location on their Instagram profiles.

Our team has years of experience in design, printing, and creating various products for the hospitality industry and interior design. We will consult with you and offer you a variety of solutions and the best option according to your budget to refresh and make your establishment more attractive for the upcoming summer tourist season.