Innovations in the printing industry

Interior solutionsInnovations in the printing industry

Innovations in the printing industry

Printing industry, although at a slower pace compared to other industries, is growing up annually. In addition to production processes – optimization and improvement of technology options, progress may also be noticed in the final product. During the latest international exhibition in Berlin, FESPA 2022, many new products were displayed and some trends were highlighted.

Which were the main trends in the print industry

The main trends observed in the sector are:

  1. Following global trends for environmental protection – ecological inks, use of textile as a substitute for vinyl, decorative foil for glass showcases made of textile fibers, textile wallpapers, etc.
  2. The increasingly widespread entry of print into interior.

Which were some of the most interesting products on FESPA 2022

Some of the most interesting products that were shown were the innovative and eco-friendly foils for branding.

Decorative textile foil

Self-adhesive semi-transparent printing foil for display windows, made of textile, which comes in several basic colours: white, rose ash, light grey and black. These foils allow printing on the given base color with submitted custom design. This is a highly effective and high-class solution for hotels, studios, commercial and fashion networks, where the good look of the interior and the creation of premium brand image are of great importance. Manufacturer is a Dutch company specializing in niche media production for interior application. You can learn more about this interior solution by submitting a request in our contact form.

Self-adhesive decorative foils from various natural materials

Dried flowers, dried pressed leaves, Scandinavian moss, etc. That provides another solution aimed at creating a special look at the point of purchase and a high brand image.

Modular fair stands and presentation set options

Significant increase of the choice of modules and options for modular fair stands – combinations, methods of assembly and lighting. Leaders in modular stands remain textile walls and LED banners, because they are used regularly and independently during presentations, promotions, at company offices, lobbies and other places where placement of advertising brand materials is possible. LED banners are eco alternative to roll-ups, because the printable material is made of fabric, which makes it a very environmentally friendly product. In addition, the back lighting of the LED banner produces an effect that is incomparable to that of the standard banner.

Some of the improvements in modular exhibition stands include the option to assemble the modules not only in length but also in height thanks to the joints. An upgrade of the assembly mechanisms that enables the use of several assembled LED banners, as the lighting for all of them is provided by a single power source at the front. This eliminates the large number of cables and the need for multiple power sources. Another advantage is their use as components for the construction of enclosed spaces. A LED banner may also be used as a door leading to a staff-only area. Special panel blocks with hinge-like mechanisms and grip handles that allow opening and closing, turn banners into multifunctional units for the construction of your stand.